Brand Messaging That Empowers Visionary Entrepreneurs To Own Their Genius

Here’s The Deal…

you have a unique genius.

And the more you reveal your magic, the more the world understands your value.

When you clearly communicate your genius, you ignite others to become passionate supporters of your mission.

Ready for your movement to burn brighter?

Your message is fuel to your fire.


You’re Not Alone!

Even the most talented entrepreneurs need help communicating their genius. You’re just too close to the mirror.

If You’ve Been Struggling To

PINPOINT your genius…

COMMUNICATE the true value of your work…

POSITION yourself with power + authenticity…

Don’t worry, I got you.

I’m Emily


 I’ll translate Your Magic into Your message   

Hi, I’m Emily Alexandra-James, CEO & Branding Expert.

I specialize in high-impact marketing that helps heart-driven entrepreneurs like YOU earn the recognition you deserve.

Growing up I never thought I’d be involved in marketing, because I associated mainstream marketing with manipulation and wanted absolutely nothing to do with that.

Then, in my 20’s I owned a Holistic Healing Center in Bryant Park NYC and was genuinely surprised when I turned it into an immediate success! I taught to sold-out classes, had a 6-month wait list for my consulting practice, and attracted a loyal fanbase I adored!

 With shock, it dawned on me that I had a natural instinct for marketing — but this was a new breed rooted in caring about the world.

Once I realized messaging had the power to ignite movements,
I became an advocate of socially-conscious marketing.   



I love working with Visionary Entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their presence in the world.   

I’m honored to have worked with talented 7-figure and multi 6-figure coaches, creators and innovators —  helping them to communicate their unique brilliance. 

I’ve earned a reputation for being able to grasp your genius and translate it into words. 

Clients have told me hundreds of times that I have an uncanny knack for sussing out a person’s gifts and articulating it with words. It’s a natural talent that I honed with a hell of a lot of studying!  

What’s my secret?
I’ve spent my lifetime deeply attuned to what drives human beings. 

My 10 Certifications + 22 years experience in the personal development field gives me a unique edge in branding. Because ethical marketing is all about understanding human emotions, and what we all want out of life. 

What this means for you:
I can get right to the heart of what’s genius about your brand, and help you showcase your magic like never before.

Because your brand’s message should make you more sales — AND make you feel more like your true self! 



 Own Your Genius. Ignite Your Movement. 


Perfect Start!


Shine A Light On Your Brand’s Genius

The perfect place to start if you’re ready to up-level your brand messaging and show the world what you’ve got! 


Next Steps!


Position Yourself With Power
Branding that helps you claim your genius and command the money & recognition you deserve. 

I Can help You~

01PINPOINT your genius.

02TRANSLATE your magic into words!

03POSITION yourself with power!

04TRANSFORM your brand’s core identity.

05 BROADCAST your brilliance to the world!

Clients Are Saying…

I cannot rightly express how MUCH you have helped me grow and step into myself in such a short time.

You are truly a gift and the best copywriter ever!”

I fancy myself a pretty good writer, and have years experience writing about all kinds of stuff…Here’s what I have never done, at least not successfully: write what sells.

Emily took the spirit and essence of me, and crafted that into copy that not only felt true to me and what I want to accomplish as a professional…she did it in a way that called ME forward to become greater. It was if she showed me a mirror in which I was able to see the me I imagined myself becoming. Talk about empowering!

Emily has a truly magical giftIf you are on the fence about working with her, get off and DO IT! It will be one of the best business decisions you will ever make. 

–Merritt Minnemeyer, CEO of MASTER OF ONE Coaching

“She’s not only epically talented, but she’s also deeply intuitive and truly an expert at capturing the heart and soul of your brand voice.”

You won’t find another copywriter like Emily! I went to her knowing she was brilliant but quickly learned the term copywriter doesn’t do her justice.

She’s not only epically talented, but she’s also deeply intuitive and truly an expert at capturing the heart and soul of your brand and brand voice.

She has done wonders for me in growing my own brand in a very powerful way and continues to deliver on the same level for my private branding clients as well.

–Carole Kennelly, Branding Expert & Founder of ICONIC BRAND STUDIO

“I highly recommend her to any entrepreneurial company looking to enhance their brand.”

As a well-known designer working in the areas of Beauty, Fashion and Wellness for both major and niche brands, collaborating with a team of freelance professionals who excel in their fields is essential for my client’s success.

Working with Emily Alexandra-James as a Copywriter has given the polish and professional spin needed to various projects. My in-house team appreciates her experience, style and ideas.

I highly recommend her to any entrepreneurial company looking to enhance their brand.

–Marc Rosen, CEO Of Marc Rosen Associates and Winner of 7 FiFi Awards
(The Fashion Industry’s equivalent of the Academy Awards)

“You don’t want to pass this opportunity of working with Emily! She teaches you how to honor and see yourself exactly how you were meant to be seen.”

Emily helped me put my mission, my story and my BIG PICTURE in order. By doing this it allows others to see… well to see ME! By having her to do this she helped me find more confidence that I didn’t even know I had. She also reminded me that my story is powerful and to remember this on the days when I feel stuck or not good enough.

Emily reminded me of how powerful I am…She showed me how to not just show up, but to show up with an authoritative head space.  To have someone call you out in the most gentle, organic way possible allowed me to be ME unapologetically.

You don’t want to pass this opportunity of working with Emily!..

She teaches you how to honor and see yourself exactly how you were meant to be seen.

-Kally Van Der Valk, Master Coach & Elite Athlete

“She truly is a word wizard!”

Working with Emily made me feel so heard, seen, and truly organized my brain of ideas.

She put my thoughts into a captivating story and pulled out language that only spoke to my ideal client. The way she pulled out my truth and my unique capabilities and let them shine in such a compelling and accessible way was outstanding…

She truly is a word wizard!

–Hannah Kopen, Entrepreneur, Actress & Movement Leader

Ready to heat things up?


and your world expands…

You earn the RECOGNITION you deserve.

Because the world clearly sees, recognizes and respects your authentic GENIUS!



You attract the MONEY you deserve.

Because the world has a crystal clear understanding of the VALUE you bring!


You win the OPPORTUNITIES you deserve.

Because the world finally sees the REAL YOU, and knows you’re perfect for the job!

the Frequently asked Q's

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Will My message sound like you or like me?

All your brand messaging is designed to sound like the best version of YOU. 

I work very closely with all of my clients to make sure I capture the unique nuances and the core power of YOUR voice. 

It's your voice, AMPLIFIED. 

how do I get started with you?

The first step is to do a quick 15-min chat together, connect as people and chat about your goals. 🙂 Book a chat through the "Contact Me"  button below. 

can we work together long-term?

My services are designed to solve your problems quickly, efficiently and thoroughly -- so there is no need for a conventional retainer that drags out the process.

My special "intensives" model will allow you to get the best results, with no time wasted for you.


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Do You Offer Webdesign?

Of course! Webdesign is included in my full-scope branding packages. I also offer packages that are copy + messaging only.


Working with me starts at $777 for the Brand Illuminator Breakthrough.

After that, there are several different options for working together -- ranging  from roughly $2k to $20k. Pricing is based on what you personally need.

You're welcome to hit "CONTACT ME" below -- and we can chat about your specific business dreams and goals.

what timezone are you in?

Pacific time over here!

I'm in Northern California, though thanks to technology I work with clients all over the world. 


a secret NOTE to You thoughtful ones…

In case “marketing” sometimes feels off-putting to you

First of all, I feel ya.

Ironically, I used to be someone who hated marketing. The corporations, manipulation and exploitation that I thought it stood for. 

Then one day I understood something important about the true purpose of marketing.

And I’m sharing it here in case you’re the kind of person (like me) who’d appreciate hearing this.

When You’re True To Yourself…

Your Message Becomes A Signal Flare that Helps your people Find You

The more authentic your messaging, the more you call in your AUTHENTIC people.

After all, your people won’t know you’re a kindred spirit of theirs unless you have the bravery to show WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

When you shine a light on your true gifts, the people who need  those gifts will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.


What modern marketing calls your “audience” ~ is actually your SOUL GROUP

 Your “audience”  is a term that modern marketing uses a lot — and if you’re not careful, this word can almost trick you into feeling sleazy for wanting to be seen by your people.

But there’s nothing sleazy about wanting to be found by your soul group.

Your soul group are the people who are MEANT to work with you and NEED the power of your GIFTS.  


– Remember –

Your people WANT to work with you.

So you need to help them FIND you!

The Time Has Come To…


because everyone wins when you shine!