Welcome to your radiant shift.

 This Is Perfect For You If:

• You’re ready for the kind of easeful and radiant success that comes from owning your most valuable asset: your unique genius!

• You want to know what message you need to attract dream clients who joyfully pay you premium prices for your work.

• You’ve been in business for at least 1-2 years, you’ve got a proven offer, and you’re ready to grow in a big way.  

• You want to know the exact steps you need to take to become a major player in your industry and touch so many more lives with your work.

Your Best Next Move? 


How This Works:

   The Brand Illuminator Breakthrough starts with a deep-dive interview where I shine a light onto what’s uniquely genius about your brand, and why it’s so valuable

(With my 22+ years of experience in personal development, you’ll be surprised at how fast my compassionate “x-ray vision” can get to the heart of your brand!)

I get a comprehensive, birds-eye view of your business — from your struggles, to your successes — to your most inspiring VISION for your future. 

Then I give you a clear, written roadmap for what you need to STOP DOING and START DOING to showcase your brand’s value and achieve your business goals. 

You can implement the plan on your own, or hire me to bring it to life for you.  




(*This cost gets applied to any future projects together.)

Let’s do a 15-min chat to connect personally and see if the BRAND ILLUMINATOR BREAKTHROUGH would be perfect for you.

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“I went from being confused…to crystal clear”

I experienced Emily Alexandra-James’ [Brand Illuminator] service a few weeks ago and all I can say is…WOW!

Seriously I went from being confused about my brand story and business direction to being, for the first time in my life, crystal clear on how I am different and what’s the message that I need in my business…
It was all there, buried in my mind and soul, but I couldn’t dig it up.

If you want to get the same clarity…please do yourself a favor and take this opportunity by the horns!

I cannot recommend her enough — plus she is such a beautiful soul and a joy to work with.

After working with her I am just so confident and full of ideas!

-Oliva Angelescu, Marketing Expert

“I was blown away.”

I highly recommend working with Emily Alexandra-James.

She really has a special gift to truly get to the essence of your business.

I worked with her last summer [on the Brand Illuminator] and was blown away.

– Linnet Jurutka, Personal Development Coach

“Stop hiding. Start being you.”

I haven’t felt this nervous and excited about something for a long while. I’ve been working with Emily Alexandra-James to rebrand my business. 

The moment she said the vibe, my gut yelled yes. Only after I’d left the Zoom room did the fear seep in: “What if this is too bold? What if I’m ostracized and rejected for showing my true colors?” 

And yet… it feels like, damn, it’s long past time.

Stop hiding. Start being you. 

Be brave, my love. You’re amazing,

– Laura Lopuch, Cold Email Maverick 

P.S. I’m still in awe of how Emily captured my essence…And I cannot wait to see how this new branding impacts my goal to make $200k while working 12 hrs/week.

“Emily has a way with words that is astonishing”

Emily has a way with words that is astonishing. She can take my jumbled thoughts and ideas and put them into a nice, neat package that pulls everything together.

Not only is she incredibly talented but she is an absolute pleasure to work with. She guides you through the process and makes it an enjoyable, fulfilling experience.

Her ability to listen and magically turn your thoughts into creative phrases, is inspiring to witness.

I truly enjoyed my experience working with Emily and feel like I got so much out of it and more confidence in what I’m doing. Thanks again for such an amazing job!

– Christy Venter, Certified Nutrition Coach & Food Freedom Pioneer 

“You captured the vision for my brand perfectly…”

Thank you so much for this thoughtful and empowering Brand Illuminator!

I cannot express to you enough how happy I am – you captured me and the vision for my brand perfectly, and in ways I never could have done for myself. 

I just wanted to share that I added your Brand Illuminator brief to my Kindle.
This is the kind of energy I need in my life! 

Where do I sign up and how do I book your time ASAP? Seriously. Let’s do this!

With all the fire in my belly,
– Erika, Branding and Marketing Expert


Let’s do a 15-min chat to connect personally and see if the BRAND ILLUMINATOR BREAKTHROUGH would be perfect for you.

Book a quick chat with me here.

the Frequently asked Q's

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Will My message sound like you or like me?

All your brand messaging is designed to sound like the best version of YOU. 

I work very closely with all of my clients to make sure I capture the unique nuances and the core power of YOUR voice. 

It's your voice, AMPLIFIED. 

how do I get started with you?

The first step is to do a quick 15-min chat together, connect as people and chat about your goals. 🙂 Book a chat through the "Contact Me"  button below. 

can we work together long-term?

My services are designed to solve your problems quickly, efficiently and thoroughly -- so there is no need for a conventional retainer that drags out the process.

My special "intensives" model will allow you to get the best results, with no time wasted for you.


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Do You Offer Webdesign?

Of course! Webdesign is included in my full-scope branding packages. I also offer packages that are copy + messaging only.


Working with me starts at $777 for the Brand Illuminator Breakthrough.

After that, there are several different options for working together -- ranging  from roughly $2k to $20k. Pricing is based on what you personally need.

You're welcome to hit "CONTACT ME" below -- and we can chat about your specific business dreams and goals.

what timezone are you in?

Pacific time over here!

I'm in Northern California, though thanks to technology I work with clients all over the world.