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Let’s Shine A Light On Why Your Brand Is  IRRESISTIBLE

  Copywriting & Brand Strategy
For Visionary Fashion, Wellness, and Clean-Beauty Companies

the right words are magic…

In an – instant – great copywriting has the power to transform how others see your business.

You can increase your influence, shine a light on the value of your brand, and skyrocket your sales — all through words alone!

Of course you know this already: a great brand needs great copy!

But let’s be real: writing all those words yourself takes time.
Constant time, each and every week.

Do you…

→  Want to focus on your VISION–  but instead you’re trapped with writing never-ending content (like newsletters, blogs, web copy, posts…)? 

→  Wonder if your message is as POWERFUL as it should be — or if you’re losing SALES because your copy is a little stale? 

→  Feel stuck at an INCOME plateau — but know you’re READY to bust through it?!

If so, I’m here to help you.

Welcome to
Alexandra James Copywriting

I help Visionary Brands to:
save time, strengthen their message

…and SCALE their success

Because Visionaries like you are meant to be different 

You’re not meant to dilute your energy by getting caught up in the details — you need to stay focussed on your vision. 

Clients often come to me when they’ve hit a wall and need to upgrade their copywriting strategy ASAP. They’re eating lunch in front of their computers every day, trying to rush out one more batch of writing– but they STILL don’t have the time to finish those designs, make that phone-call, schedule that lunch meeting, launch that dream project…

I hear you. It’s frustrating — you didn’t start your business just so you could put your true priorities on the back burner! 

You focus on what you do best, and I’ll focus on what I do best.
Go ahead and take off flying with the important stuff you love to do —  and I’ll take care of the copywriting magic!

I love hearing clients tell me that as soon as we start working together, they see an immediate boost in their clarity, energy, inspiration…and sales! 

Would your vision grow BEYOND BELIEF if you were able to stay powerfully + firmly in your own Zone of Genius most days? 


My copywriting will help you to:

✓ Save time

✓ Increase your sales

✓ Articulate your vision

✓ Strengthen your brand message

✓ Standout from the crowd

✓ Scale-up your impact + influence

✓ Express authentic confidence

My copywriting specialties include:

✓ High-Converting Sales Copy

✓ Emails + Nurture Sequences

✓ Newsletters

✓ SEO Blog Posts

✓ Social Media Content

✓ Upgrades to your current web copy

✓ Custom projects tailored to your goals

Hi, I’m Alexandra James. 

I’m a Copywriter & Brand Strategist for visionary clients in the Fashion, Wellness and Clean Beauty industries…and I absolutely love it! I’m an Award-Winning Writer, a life-time lover of fashion and beauty, and I’ve earned 10 (yes TEN) Certifications in Holistic Wellness trainings. Over the years I’ve worked as a Ghostwriter, Book Editor, Communications Consultant, Brand Strategist, and Copywriter to help talented entrepreneurs take their brand messaging to the next level. One of my great strengths is my adaptability. I love to write in your voice, and help you bring YOUR VISION to life in a way that’s truly exciting for you.

I have the ability to write copy that genuinely connects with your audience, because I’m one of them. I’ve had the joyful experience of living in Paris and studying Linguistics at the Sorbonne. I’ve traveled all over the world and I’ve absorbed a multi-cultural appreciation of art, beauty, pleasure, and wellbeing. Today I live in California and have a passion for brands who are kind to the Earth, and kind to humanity.

If you’re a brand who is trying to do good and put beauty into the world, I want to help you achieve your mission on a larger scale. I’m here to help you amplify your voice and your message. 

Deep down I believe that the way we tell our stories shapes our destinies. I would love to help you tell YOUR story — the story of your unique brand — so that you can step powerfully into all the success that you deserve. 

I look forward to talking with you soon about the vision you have for your future. If you can dream it, you’re meant to make it real. – Alexandra

What Clients Are Saying…

“As a well-known designer working in the areas of Beauty, Fashion and Wellness for both major and niche brands, collaborating with a team of freelance professionals who excel in their fields is essential for my client’s success.

Working with Alexandra James as a Copywriter has given the polish and professional spin needed in the following areas; press releases, ingredients, product description, and usage for new products.

My in-house team appreciates her experience, style and ideas. I highly recommend her to any entrepreneurial company looking to enhance their brand.” 

-Marc Rosen

6-Time FiFi Award Winner
President & CEO of Marc Rosen Associates

“Alexandra…since we lauched our email campaign my revenue this month has gone up by 113%! I’m honestly just speechless. I didn’t know it could be this easy to tweak my writing strategy and get this kind of response…I seriously just wish I had found you sooner as a copywriter! Thank you so much.”

-Carly Otness Photography


8 + 4 =

How I Work

I work with Fashion, Wellness, and Beauty Brands.

You Can Hire Me In Two Ways:

1. On a short-term project basis, for a fixed length of time. 

2. Or for an on-going retainer, if you want to grow your business exponentially. 

Working Together Is Simple

1. We’ll set up a Complementary Call to talk about your vision.

2. I’ll then send you a proposal with custom strategies for your brand. 

3. If you like my proposal — I’ll begin my first assignment for you.
And we’re off and running! 

hey! some good news for you –

Yes, email is STILL your most powerful sales tool!

•It’s now proven that email is 40x (FORTY times!) more effective in helping you get more customers, compared to both Twitter and Facebook combined.

91% of people still check email every day.

•Purchases made via email are 3x higher than on social media.

•Customers also spend 17% more per purchase via email than they do on social media.
(Source: McKinsey & Company)

→ The Takeaway For You:

Hone in on your email strategy — and it will reward you! 


there is ONE kind of copywriting that can supercharge your sales

And it’s called Direct Response Copywriting.
This is the kind of copywriting that sparks your audience to stop hesitating and TAKE ACTION.
It helps readers turn into buyers.

I specialize in this kind of copywriting, because it gets you RESULTS.
A whopping 65% of all consumers have pulled out their wallets and made a purchase after reading an email offer that used Direct Response Copywriting. (Source: DMA Statistical Fact Book)

 Are you using the power of Direct Response Copywriting to help your brand thrive?
If not, you’re probably missing out on sales every single day that are meant to be yours…

Your piece of the pie COULD be a lot bigger!

Because there is HUGE demand out there for what you offer- and ABUNDANT resources to tap into. 

(Hey…did you know that the Beauty industry is a $532 billion business, and is expected to grow to $800 billion by 2025? The Fashion industry bring in $368 billion, and the Wellness industry is a whopping $3.7 trillion business!)

So Ask Yourself:
Is your business getting all the revenue it needs to support the larger vision you have?

If the answer is “no”  — my copywriting can help you change that. 


Book A Complementary Call With Me

…Because your brand is irresistible and you should have the copy to match!

Let’s talk about your vision, and how my copywriting will help you to  save time, build more buzz, and make even more sales.

There’s no obligation to you, calls are always fun —  and you’ll come away with helpful tips and strategies for your brand. (A no-brainer, right??)

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Alexandra James is a Copywriter & Communications Strategist Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.