When Michelle first came to me, she was using the term “copywriter” to describe herself– but in just a few minutes I knew she was SO much more than that. Michelle is one of those knock-it-out-of-the-park, insanely smart strategists who understands everything email marketing. She’s a strategic tour de force, and the dream right-hand woman of any modern business owner. Instead of a middle-of-the-road, conservative copywriter website, we UNLEASHED Michelle in her full glory as the Email Marketing Expert she is — and the results were astonishing. 



• Birth a new, authentic identity. 
• Position her as the expert she is. 
• Redesign her offers to suit her genius. 
• Attract next-level clients. 


• All Brand Messaging
• Full Website Buildout
• Packaging + Pricing Strategy
• Photoshoot Direction + Styling
• Lead Magnet + Sales Funnel



Powerful, Without Apology. 

While the norm in the email marketing/copywriting industry would be to present Michelle in a Good Housekeeping inspired outfit and backdrop — that’s not who Michelle actually is. (And the old stereotypes are just so boring at this point!) 

Authentically, Michelle is someone who is deeply caring, responsible AND has an edge. She’s had to conquor so much to get to where she is today, and I wanted her brand to pay homage to ALL of her. 

…Her strength, her grit, her warmth, kindness, AND her trustworthiness as an expert. 




Owning Your Genius.  


We helped Michelle upgrade and redesign her offers, both inside and out. 

We repackaged her services to more powerfully leverage her natural gifts — and to create offers that would truly be game-changing (and profit boosting) for savvy business owners.  



“Truly Transformational” 


“THIS IS ME ON A PAGE!” was the first thing Michelle said when she saw her new website. Later she said: “Having a brand you are proud of, one you are excited to share with the world makes a massive difference…

“It has changed not only how I’m showing up for my business but how I’m choosing to show up in LIFE.”

Building Golden Assets.

As an Email Marketing Expert, Michelle knows that your email list is gold. So we designed a fun, high-value Lead Magnet to help her spread some wisdom and build her list faster. 


Style Meets Strategy.  

Michelle Smith Marketing is not only gorgeous to look at, but all elements of her brand work together strategically to help her reach her goals.

How awesome to achieve your dreams by being true to YOU.

And how awesome for the dream clients who will now find her!

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