Valerie Oula is a visionary healer and energy medicine expert from NYC. When Valerie came to us, she had been working with some of the biggest name companies in the world — and found herself at a career turning point where she was ready to establish her own sovereign brand.  She was getting ready to launch her second published book, but only had a super basic website that was not doing justice to her. Valerie needed a brand that would help her be poised to take full advantage of big, new opportunities coming her way. 

a rebirth now in process…


• Premium, yet warm.
Minimalist, yet magic.
• Attract next-level opportunities. 


• All Messaging + Copy
• Brand Visuals + Design
• Full Website Buildout
• Packaging + Pricing Strategy
• Lead Magnet + Sales Funnel



Merging Minimalism + Magic 

Valerie needed a brand that conveyed a sense of sleek, modern minimalism – yet also had touches of earthy magic.  Let’s face it — magic can be tricky, as one wrong move and it can get corny. So we needed to create a precise balance for Valerie, and frame her work with a sophisticated, understated glow.

Equally important, her brand needed to  communicate her authority as an expert,  while also feeling warm and welcoming to new clients.



Elevated Magic.


A brand and website that instantly makes a premium statement.

Clean, modern and spacious, with glimmers of esoteric references…




Healing + Beauty.   

We told Valerie’s story in a way that created emotional connection. At the same time, we also created an inspiring world on her website that makes you take a deep breath when you arrive there…

You feel great stepping into Modern Ritual NYC!

A Gorgeous New Beginning.  

  Modern Ritual NYC’s branded website is not only beautiful to look at, it’s strategically designed to help Valerie achieve her goals. Her packaging, pricing, layout, tech integrations, brand messaging and visuals all come together to position her with power.

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