Sean Beresford is a producer, mixer, engineer, instrumentalist and lover of all things audio. In the course of his eclectic career, he’s had the privilege of working with major labels, Top 40 and independent artists alike. Sean came to us when he was ready to push the envelope into the emerging field of 3D Atmos Mixing, and attract innovative clients from around the world. 


• Attract top-tier collaboration
Convey artistry + expertise 
• Spark a new era of creative adventure


• All Brand Messaging 
• Full Website Buildout
• Photoshoot Direction & Styling
• Packaging Strategy

Attract New Adventure. 

Sean’s main objective in rebranding himself was to break ground on an exciting new era in his career, and to attract new, innovative collaborations from all over the world.

While Sean’s technical explorations had been moving at the speed of light, his website was totally outdated, and his brand was not helping him connect with fresh clientele.

It was time to tell an accurate story about his depth of expertise and spirit of innovation, so he could attract forward-thinking clients on a similar wavelength. 

Showcase The Goods. 


Sean has worked with some of the most ambitious indie artists and Top 40 artists in history but you wouldn’t have known that from his last website.

Sean’s work can speak for itself — so we put it front and center in his brand. Now his expertise is impossible to miss. 

Spark Collaboration.  

Sean is not just known for the high-quality, detailed work — his clients LOVE him for his amazing personality, kind generosity, and spirit of experimentation that he brings to his projects. 

 His personality is a huge client-attractor, so we wanted new collaborators to feel like they’re really getting a chance to meet Sean!  



 Share Your Truth. 

While most music pros do the typical ‘arms crossed in front of console’ shot for their brand, we wanted to go above and beyond to capture the ENERGY of what it’s like to be in the studio with Sean. Creative Director Emily Alexandra-James worked closely with rock photographer James Wirth (Chris Cornell, PJ Harvey) to get photos that brought in massive vibe. 

Now when you go to Sean’s website, all the elements combine (from messaging to visuals) to make it feel like you’ve just walked into his studio…

Sean’s spirit shines through in his brand. 

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